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All-conquering Devi Durga - PC - 2391

The all-conquering Devi Durga helps to tide over all obstacles and blesses one with victor...
Ship in 4-5 days

Beautiful Celestial figure - PC - 2491

A splendid and a stunning creation this aesthetically pleasing, seraphic work of art of a ...
Ship in 4-5 days

Beautiful Panchaloha Amman Face | PC 19056

Panchaloha idols are considered to be very sacred and divine because of its rare compositi...
Ship in 2-3 days

Bright Panchaloha Manavaray Maha Muni | PC 19180

Certain characters from the Hindu mythology are always remembered for their teachings or s...
Ship in 2-3 days

Bright Panchaloha Ramaguna | PC 19173

Panchaloha idols and prayer items are already considered to be very sacred because of the ...
Ship in 2-3 days

Conch - PC - 2501

Shankh or the conch is the most ancient wind instrument known to man considered to be a ve...
Ship in 4-5 days

Exquisite Panchaloha Murgar | PC 19189

Murgar is how Lord Karthikeya is known in south India. Lord Murgar is Lord Shiva's elder s...
Ship in 2-3 days

Exquisite Panchaloha Musical Ganesha Set Of 7 | PC 19198

Here is a beautifully crafted panchaloha musical ganesha set of 7. It truly depicts the ta...
Ship in 2-3 days

Exquisite Panchaloha Rishba Deyvar | PC 19183

"Rishba" is the traditional name for the animal bull, symbolizing Nandhi for Lord Shiva. T...
Ship in 2-3 days

Exquisite Panchaloha Sitting Amma | PC 19043

Amma also known as amman, is another name given to Goddess mariamman. Mariamman is believe...
Ship in 2-3 days

Exquisite Panchaloha Sudarshan Chakra | PC 19193

The sudarshan chakra is believed to be a sharp, spinning weapon similar to a disk, that ha...
Ship in 2-3 days

Exquisitely Handcrafted Panchaloha Durga | PC 19042

Goddess durga is worhsipped by Hindus all over India and the world. This is a panchaloha d...
Ship in 2-3 days

Holy cow - PC - 2534

Cow in Hindu mythology is revered and respected. Every part of cow ...
Ship in 4-5 days

Lakshmi statue with a trident - PC - 2398

Take a look at this Lakshmi statue showing the Goddess with a trident. Depicting her feroc...
Ship in 4-5 days

Lamp with a magnificently looking celestial bird - PC - 2474

Lamps are of paramount importance in Hinduism, lamps are lighted to dispel ennui, awaken y...
Ship in 4-5 days

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