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Goddess Kali standing over Lord Shiva - PC - 2334

Standing over Lord Shiva, the awe-inspiring Goddess Kali makes for a distinctive statue pi...
Ship in 4-5 days

All-conquering Devi Durga - PC - 2391

The all-conquering Devi Durga helps to tide over all obstacles and blesses one with victor...
Ship in 4-5 days

Beautiful Panchaloha Amman Face | PC 19056

Panchaloha idols are considered to be very sacred and divine because of its rare compositi...
Ship in 2-3 days

Brass Mahalakshmi Kutveylak | PC 18998

Goddess Lakshmi is often considered to be the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Here is a ...
Ship in 2-3 days

Elegant Bronze Shivagami | PC 19005

Goddess Shivagami is believed to be the wife of Lord Balaji, an incarnation of Lord Naraya...
Ship in 2-3 days

Exquisite Brass Amman Face | PC 19054

Amman or Goddess Durga is worshipped by south Indians as the Goddess of rain and small pox...
Ship in 2-3 days

Exquisite Brass Lakshmi Gubayran | PC 19150

Gubayran is believed to be a wealthy character in the Hindu mythology. Goddess Lakshmi is ...
Ship in 2-3 days

Exquisite Bronze Standing Lakshmi | PC 19177

This is a beautiful bronze standing Goddess Lakshmi idol, that is made with the greatest m...
Ship in 2-3 days

Exquisite Panchaloha Sitting Amma | PC 19043

Amma also known as amman, is another name given to Goddess mariamman. Mariamman is believe...
Ship in 2-3 days

Exquisitely Crafted Brass Lakshmi Narasimha | PC 19143

Narasimha is believed to be one of Lord Vishnu's 10 incarnations. He takes the form of a l...
Ship in 2-3 days

Exquisitely Handcrafted Panchaloha Durga | PC 19042

Goddess durga is worhsipped by Hindus all over India and the world. This is a panchaloha d...
Ship in 2-3 days

Goddess Alamelu - PC - 2533

Alamelu also known as ...
Ship in 4-5 days

Goddess Durga, She Who Removes All Confusion - PC - 2526

Article of beauty and meaning and ideal gift for someone or yourself ...
Ship in 4-5 days

Goddess Durga, with brilliant hues - PC - 2525

Durga is ...
Ship in 4-5 days

Gopika painting - PC - 2552

A stunning portrayal of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth,in mosaic ...
Ship in 4-5 days

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