We envision Peacock Colours to be the platform that bridges the digital divide, existing between a discerning customer, who desires craftsmanship, authenticity, intrinsic value and an artisan who is bereft of an opportunity to showcase his talent. This we believe will in time reward the artisans with greater equity and recognition.

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Our range of products and services would be sourced across the country, be it the backwaters of Kerala to the hilly mountainside of Northeast to valleys of Kashmir to heart of central India. The length and breadth of country is filled with rich and unique art, artisans “The Cultural Architects” of the land. These Artisans with their skilled craftsmanship make and sell products which their livelihood.



We believe this a start of a long journey we are undertaking to discover India, uncover some exciting heritage linked arts and crafts that we would love to present and you would love to own.

Anusha Anand
Co-Founder & Director

Ants & Bees Online Services

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Ants and Bees Online Services Private Limited focusses on internet, mobile and social technologies.

Why ants

Inspired by Ants for their ability to play builders and for being supremely hardworking also social and mobile.

Why bees

Bees as they play a very big role in civilization continuity. Both of them are also social and incredibly mobile – just the kind of work we would like to do.


Peacockcolours.com is an ecommerce site for handcrafted offerings by Indian artisans head quartered in Bangalore, India.

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